June 14th

  • Travel Day to Leknes!
  • Our team will be running pickups from the airport throughout the day! 
  • Overnight at Hattvika Lodge in our luxury 3 bedroom cabin with full kitchen on Hattvika Bay with views of the mountains and water.
  • Light tapas style lunch and trip kick off “meeting” – feel free to nap or do a quick hike along one of the trails within walking distance to Hattvika if you want to stretch your legs!
  • Group dinner together. Made From Scratch Salmon or Veggie Curry.
  • Evening Hike: Mannen + Haulkand Beach, 3.5km RT, Elevation Gain: 400m, Difficulty: Moderate, Duration: 1.5-2 hours
  • Enjoy a sauna before bed and a glass of wine or cup of tea as you get to know our awesome crew of creative women!
  • A short walk from the lodge is a nice market which stocks a good selection of beer, wine and spirits and snacks.

Mannen + Haukland Beach Hike


  • Early start with breakfast at our cabin (oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, coffee etc).
  • Hike: Festvågtind, 4km RT, Elevation Gain: 545m, Difficulty: Moderate-Intense, Duration: 3-5 hours.
  • Travel to the nearby village of Henningsvær for coffee and pastries while checking out the shops and galleries.
  • Picnic Style Lunch – Build your own sandwich, fruit, snacks, chocolate etc.
  • Afternoon hike and photo session.
  • Hike: Fredvang Stokvikka, 6.5km RT, Elevation Gain: 660m, Difficulty: Moderate, Duration 3-4 hours
  • Group dinner back at Hattvika. Made From Scratch Pad Thai with Tofu
  • Sauna, wine, tea then bed!

Festvågtind Hike


  • Early start with hearty breakfast at our cabin. Pack lunch for the day.
  • Drive to Moskenes to catch the ferry over to Værøy to spend the day hiking and exploring this beautful island
  • Ferry departs Moskenes at 945 and the ride is about 1.5 hours long, getting us there around 1115
  • Hike: Håen Viewpoint: 6.6km RT, Elevation: 440m, Difficulty: Moderate, Duration: 3-4 hours.
  • Hike: Breiviknuten 3.2km RT, Elevation: 420m, Difficulty: Moderate, Duration: 1.5-2 hours.
  • Beach Dinner - Loaded Apple, Brie, Jam and Basil Grilled Cheese Sammy's with Hearty Veggie Soup.
  • Ferry departs Værøy at 2245 and the ride is about 1.5hours, getting us back to Hattvika around 0015.

Fredvang Stokvikka Hike


  • Early start with hearty breakfast at our cabin.
  • Freestyle morning and afternoon.
  • Early Group Dinner at Hattvika. Made From Scratch Dill + Apple Polenta with Parmesan Cheese
  • We will hit the road to Kvalvika Beach trailhead.
  • Evening hike into Kvalvika Beach.
  • Kvalvika Beach Hike: 4km Return, Elevation: Easy, Difficulty: Easy, Duration: 1 Hour.
  • Explore the beach.
  • Midnight Sun Summit Hike from Kvalvika Beach.
  • Hike: Mt Ryten, 5km Return, Elevation: Moderate, Difficulty Moderate, Duration 2 Hours.
  • Beers, tea, snacks and bed back at Hattvika. 

Kvalvika + Mt Ryten Hike


  • Early start with hearty breakfast and coffees. Pack lunch for the day. 
  • Travel to trailhead.
  • Hike to a Alpine Hut and beautiful tarn and continue to the summit
  • Hike: 9km Return, Elevation: 750m, Difficulty: Moderate, Duration 6 Hours.
  • Travel to Unstad Arctic Surf - Check In.
  • Hike, fat bike, skate the mini ramp in and around Unstad.
  • Option to take a surf clinic or rent gear if you’re game.
  • Group dinner at our cabin with ocean and mountain views. Mashed Potatoes with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Veggie Sausage.
  • Late night photo session in and around Unstad and beaches.
  • Beers, tea, conversation, books, then bed!
  • *Unstad has a nice little cocktail lounge and baked goods if you want to treat yourself.  

Hut Hike


  • Early start with hearty breakfast and coffees.
  • Travel to Reine taking plenty of time to stop for mini hikes and photo sessions along the way! 
  • Meet with the crew at Reine Adventures, and head off on a kayak trip TBD by our host followed by a backpack into some more remote mountains of Lofoten!
  • Lunch and snacks on the water. 
  • Group beach dinner by our amazing hosts at Reine Adventures! Freshly caught Halibut, veggies and potatoes!
  • Evening photo session in and around our camp site, beach exploring.
  • Beers, tea, conversation, books, then bed! *be sure to pick up your bevvies of choice up ahead of time from the market by Hattvika.
  • Midnight hike for those who are interested!

Kayak Trip with Reine Adventures


  • Early start with a hearty breakfast and coffees.
  • Pack up camp.
  • Backpack out to our kayaks.
  • Kayak out and back to Reine.
  • Lunch at Anita’s Sjømat. Enjoy fresh smoked fish and local beer on the patio! *you are responsible for your own alcohol and food at Anita’s.
  • Hike, fat bike, skate the mini ramp in and around Unstad.
  • Option to take a surf clinic or rent gear if you’re game to go on your own!
  • Group dinner, cooking together at our cabin with ocean and mountain views. Made from Scratch Cucumber Salad, Roasted Root Veggies with Chives and Sour Cream, Locally Made Fish Cakes.
  • Hike Nonstind and photo session.
  • Nonstind Hike: 5km Return, Elevation: Moderate, Difficulty: Moderate with some exposure, Duration: 3 Hours.
  • Beers, tea, conversation, books, then bed!

Kayaking with Reine Adventures


  • Light Breakfast and Coffee at our cabin,
  • Airport drop off’s at Leknes Airport and loads of hugs and goodbyes! 😦

Sunset on Overnight Kayak Trip

I've designed this itinerary for the outdoor woman who strives to make the most of her time in Lofoten! At this time of year in Norway it is light 24 hours a day, which allows us to see and do so much! If you are experienced in the outdoors, love photography, have your own gear + are accustomed to moderately high levels of physical activity, this Creative Camp is for you! When it comes to food, our menu is varied and veggie focused and perfect for those who have a love for healthy and hearty plant-based meals! After a week of exploring with an awesome crew, you will return feeling fit + accomplished! After our adventure ends and you start to go through the stunning images captured during this once in a lifetime experience I hope that you will reflect on the friendships you’ve made and also feel creatively inspired!

01 / 09

“The trip exceeded my expectations which were high since I’d hiked with Viktoria before and I knew Norway would be spectacular. Having logistics and food taken care of and getting taken to beautiful spots on Lofoten were great advantages to this type of trip. The other women on the trip were incredibly good company.”