I am a professional visual artist, photographer and designer who calls a small town in the heart of the Rocky Mountains home! I work full time at my two businesses: North Grove Creative and North Birch Grove, spending my free time exploring the outdoors with my dog Metsä!

With an education in Photography & Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Design in Photography from the Alberta University of the Arts) I built North Grove Creative - a commercial photography and digital content development company. With a strong editorial and advertising skill-set when it comes to image creation, I work with brands and agencies worldwide to build honest, unique and beautiful content.

My innovative North Birch Grove products & designs start from ideas dreamed up while I am on the hiking trail or snow slope. They can be proudly described as Made in Canada, Handmade and Locally Sourced. You can find NBG retail products in brick and mortar shops worldwide, and at holiday Pop Up Shops throughout Canada.

My creativity empowers me to use my photography to amplify the voices of others in the outdoor industry and to help tell their stories. My own outdoor experiences inspire me to give back by using my skills as a photographer to support small-scale environmental stewardship organizations that focus on conservation, sustainable community initiatives and environmental education. I also volunteer my creative talents with local not for profits who strive to connect everyone with the outdoors. 

As the founder of Hike 365, an outdoor and wellness community that brings all women together to hit the trails, I organize free hiking events in the Canadian Rockies, an Outdoor Creative Camp in Norway and work with local guides to host avalanche skills training courses. Hike 365 strives to connect and empower women to take on outdoor challenges together, build confidence and develop new friendships. Our community is looking forward to starting back up in the summer of 2022!




Commercial photography + digital content development company.



A fine art home decor brand with a wide range of Canadian made retail products.



An outdoor + wellness community that brings women together to hit the trails!


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