Hi there! I'm Viktoria North! Nice to meet you! As a professional photographer, community leader and a steward for the outdoors, my job as a creative is to capture the experiences and emotions that inspire us to pursue a deeper connection to our sense of place in the outdoors and to tell the stories that are behind this inspiration.

Collaborating with fellow creatives and outdoor enthusiasts brings me a lot of joy, it’s refreshing, it’s inspiring and it provides new perspectives. It can be hard to make yourself vulnerable by putting yourself out there to collab, travel or in this case meet up in Norway with new friends! Finding the confidence to network with like minded people and then also organizing to connect in person can be intimidating. But since starting Hike365, I’ve learned that only beautiful things come from bringing a group of wonderful women together. 

This year will be my fifth time to Norway, and Lofoten plays a large part in why I keep being called back year after year! Through organizing this Creative Camp, I hope to make it easier and less overwhelming for women to get out there in a group setting and to do more of the off the beaten path experiences that our world has to offer!